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Events for Mosaic Outdoor Club of Philadelphia

Saturday February 9 10:00 am Lawrenceville-Hopewell Trail  We will meet at 10:00 at the Lawrenceville-Hopewell Trail, Lawrenceville Swim Club, 66 Craven Lane, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648. Park in the Lawrenceville Swim Club parking lot. Pack a picnic lunch, water, snacks and dinner if you are not planning on eating out for dinner. At 2:30, we will go to the Princeton Film Festival to see "The Battle for Brooklyn." At 4:30, we will go to Tortuga's Mexican Village, 44 Leigh avenue, Princeton, NJ 08542, 609-924-5143, THIS IS A CASH ONLY RESTAURANT!!!Afterwards, we will go to Halo Fete/Pub, 34 Hulfish Street, Princeton, NJ 08542, 609-921-1710 for dessert.  For more information contact Ruth at 856-375-7405.