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Events for Mosaic Outdoor Club of Philadelphia

Saturday, November 17, 10:00 am  Free Understated Philly Museums Walking Tour We will meet at the entranceway of the Fireman's Hall, 147 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia,PA 19106, 215-923-1438, At 12:00, we will go to the Polish American Cultural Center, 308 Walnut Street, Philadephia, PA 19106, 215-922-1700, At 2:00, we will go to Thaddeus Kosciuosk Naitonal Memorial, 3rd and Pine Streets, Philadelphia, PA, At 4:00, we will go to the St. Joseph's Church, 321 Willins Alley, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215-923-1733, At 5:00, we will go to Dolley Todd & Bishop White House, 4th & Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA, You need to let trip leader Ruth know if you are going to the Dolley Todd & Bishop White house ahead of time, so she can pick up the tickets.  For more information contact Ruth at 856-375-7405.